Slot Machine Strategies

In order for a slot player to hold their own and possibly hit a big jackpot on today's slot machines, they must know which machines offer the best payouts and which offer the worst. We have provided a list of the best and worst slot locations to help players make an educated decision as to which machines to play.
Once players know where the loose machines are usually located, they must know which denomination machines to play based on their bankroll and comfort level.



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The following figures will give players an idea of how much of a bankroll is needed for each type of machine based on a three coin maximum bet with ten spins per minute at a 90 % payout rate:

Nickel Machine: $ 9.00 per hour
Quarter Machine: $ 45.00 per hour
One Dollar Machine: $ 180.00 per hour
Five Dollar Machine: $ 900.00 per hour

Next the player must decide how long to spend playing during each session and the total number of sessions for their trip. This is derived by dividing their total bankroll by the number of days for their trip. Then divide the daily allowance by the number of hours per day to be spent playing.

For example: A player arrives in Las Vegas with a $ 5000 bankroll and plans to stay for five days. That allows for $1000 per day to be wagered. The player decides they want to play a total of five hours per day. This means they can afford to lose $ 200 per hour. This player would want to play dollar slots according the above information.

Once the proper denomination machine has been determined, the best strategy is to start out slowly by playing flat pay machines in the best locations. As the player increases their bankroll with winnings, they can advance to progressive and higher denomination machines.

Always read the machines payout table prior to inserting any money and always insert the maximum amount of coins. The maximum amount of coins to be played is sometimes determined by the number of paylines.

The biggest mistake that slot players make is they don't leave when they're winning. To avoid this mistake, smart players will use the credit meter to always keep track of where they stand. Players should make sure that the credit meter is activated by observing whether or not the button is lit.

Dollar players should run one full rack of coins through the machine ($ 100 worth of coins). On a three coin maximum bet machine there will be one coin left over at the end. Hold onto that coin. Do not insert that coin into the machine. Press the CASH OUT button and put ALL the coins into a bucket or back into the original rack. Immediately walk to the cashiers window and cash out! Never play with the credits that are accumulating in the machine.

Once the player has accumulated a profit from playing only the best machines in the above manner, it's time to move up to a higher denomination machine or to the progressives playing the exact same way as the lower denomination machines.

Strategy Wrap-up

Locate the best paying machines as described in our "Best Machine Locations" section.
Determine the proper denomination machine to play based on your bankroll requirements.
Start play slowly on flat pay machines only.
Make sure that the credit meter is activated by observing that the button is lit.
Run one full rack or roll of coins through the machine once.
Hit the cash out button, collect your winnings and go directly to the cashiers cage or coin booth and cash out.
Use profits to advance to higher denomination or progressive machines. Review of VegasTechnologyCasinos Games

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